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Make the right impression in ThE Office or remotely at home.

Our behaviour on social media and the functions we use there are beginning to spill over into
collaboration tools for companies and organisations.

New niche players, global internet giants and well established names in business communication are battling it out for customers. There are so many new things to discover, but the need for good video and sound remains the same.

Be loud and proud with our easily deployable IP PA system to make live and timed announcements, whilst also having the ability to play your favourite tunes in the background.

Visually Stunning

Make a statement with energy-efficient professional displays which combine bright, beautiful 4K HDR image quality with easy operation, extensive integration options and low ownership costs.

Whether you’re presenting a simple presentation or wanting to grab everyone’s attention with colourful digital signage, your audience will always appreciate the finer details.

Have clear and quality images during the day and night. Create a secure intelligent setup with on board storage and business intelligence.

Sounds perfect

Equip your meeting spaces with best-in-class audio and video.

Do you have home workers or are you a home worker?

We offer flexible and powerful conferencing solutions which can connect via IP, USB and Bluetooth.

All our solutions are based on multi-connectivity platforms to leverage hybrid conferencing and bring your own device (BYOD). This means you can have a telephone conference and then link it to web conference; multiple demands, one solution. 

Not only can we give you the perfect conference solution we can also offer the tools to enable you to playing background music, setup your own IP PA systems; we make sure you have what's needed.


Real-time communication in the form of audio and video conferencing now has a central role in social collaboration tools. This is applicable to both in office meeting spaces as well as home workers.

You need to plan for a good audio and video experience in these meeting scenarios; and it doesn't have to be either expensive or complicated.

Fast and fuss-free AV that is refreshingly intuitive. We look to minimise system complexity and connectivity for increased ease of installation and reliability, while offering exceptional performance and functionality for the best value and end-user experience.


Trust is vital for a good working relationship and we make sure that you can trust us. No matter what size your business is, we will make sure you are taken care of. You don't have to worry about talking to bonus driven sales people, instead you will speak to honest customer satisfaction driven people.

In the AV market there is a lot of self-promotion and blurring of hardware ability. Through testing, reviewing and actual in house use, we prefer to recommend, sell and install products that actual do what they should do. 

Customer Satisfaction

We will always ensure that the solutions we offer are tailored specifically for you and your business. We also make sure that the solution grows with your business success.

Professional Advice

Feel assured that our teams expertise and knowledge will ensure you have the information to hand, to effectively procure the correct solution.

Trained & Accredited

Our team are trained and accredited to make sure we offer the
best practices to our customer base. 

Our mission is to empower customers by designing and implementing the best/right solutions.