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Readycrest Ltd Efficiency through expertise

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Welcome to Our Monthly News

With an oh so successful summer of sport sitting back and basking in all it’s glory here’s what we think may be of interest for this month.

Q35 IP cameras - Solid Performance

Simply Superb Quality

Axis Q35 Series consists of high-performing, vandal-resistant, indoor and outdoor-ready fixed domes that deliver high image quality in full HDTV 1080p at up to 60 frames per second. The cameras’ Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) – Forensic Capture capability provides perfectly balanced video quality in scenes with strong variations in light, while the Lightfinder technology enables outstanding image usability in poor light.

The cameras can seamlessly transition between handling WDR and low-light conditions. Axis Q35 Series also supports Axis’ Electronic Image Stabilisation (EIS), which greatly improves video quality in situations where the camera is subject to vibration. Furthermore, the cameras support barrel distortion correction and include optical zoom that can be used when monitoring a scene.

Want to see more?

Click here for video 1 and click here for video 2

Are you on a call or not?

New to the market is the Kuando busylight. This little gem of a device can be attached to your PC via USB to let people in the office know your call status.

So why is this worth a look?

Busylight increases productivity- Interruptions now consume more than 2 hours per day for a knowledge worker1, and an interruption easily costs up to 20 minutes before you are back on task. Busylight reduces costly, unwanted interruptions by co-workers, and saves walking to busy colleagues in the office. Transform irrelevant interruptions and wasted time into value adding work.

Two out of three employees feel that their colleagues interrupt too much- The open plan office is becoming increasingly popular, but too many employees complain about the work environment.  In order to perform optimally people need to be able to work uninterrupted. Busylight offers individual control, so coworkers can tell each other, whether they are available or busy.

If you want more information about these devices then give us a call.

Net2 Entry just got even better.

Net2 Entry, the Simplest Door Entry System on the Market, Now Offers an Updated Interface for Improved User-Experience.

Improved User-Experience - Updated interface layout and design at the monitor provides a more intuitive system for users, and adjustable ring volume at the panel – avoid disruption to your neighbours.

Structured Video Voicemail for Simple Management - Timestamp – clearly see when a voicemail was received, inbox indicator shows how many messages are in the folder, and LED on the monitor flashes when a new message is left.

System Features - Units auto detect for easy plug and play installation, easily scalable - system expands using industry standard Ethernet switches, no complex wiring or components, full colour video camera - low light sensitivity for day/night use, single cable connectivity with PoE - smart, simple door entry, secondary camera and intruder alarm integration, SIP compatible – answer the Net2 Entry panel from a SIP enabled phone, tablet or PC.

So with all that said and done, what more could you want???

Roam the Tate at night.

Have you ever wished you could have a secret robot alter ego? Or that you could wander around a gallery alone late at night? Well, now you can combine both these fantasies in one as After Dark is launched at Tate Britain

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Copyright © Readycrest Ltd. All rights reserved. Registered in England and Wales. Company Number 2444789

All calls may be recorded