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Readycrest Ltd Efficiency through expertise

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Welcome to Our Monthly News

We have been busy little bees at Readycrest HQ keeping up to date with the latest and greatest so here’s what we think may be of interest for this month.

So long, farewell

Discontinuation of NT/DT 3xx Series Handsets

Panasonic NT/DT 3xx Series Handsets will reach end of sale, and will no longer be manufactured from September 2014.

The following models will are affected:

Digital Handsets: KX-DT321UK/B, KX-DT333UK/B, KXDT343UK/B, KX-DT346UK/B, KX-DT390UK/B

IP Handsets: KX-NT321UK/B, KX-NT343UK/B, KX-NT346UK/B, KX-NT366UK/B, KX-NT305CE/B, KX-NT303CE/B, KX-NT400UK, KX-A420UK

Fear not though as the NT/DT 3xx range have been replaced with the NT/DT 5xx range which are a completely new design, with improved features and functionality. Click here to visit our DT5xx page or click here for our NT5xx page.

Light Fight

Our friends at Raytec have been hard in training and are coming out punching ready to take on the heavy weights of the lighting industry. Raytec are world leaders in LED lighting and manufacture a complete range of Infra-Red and White-Light LED illuminators for CCTV and Safety Critical applications.

Visit the ring and see how Raytec products compared to street light, low light cameras. Click here.

Not sure what lighting you would like or need? Visit Raytec ville for lighting scenarios and options. Click here.

Axis cameras bring lions to the living room

The Zoological Society of Milwaukee provides support for the Milwaukee County Zoo in southeastern Wisconsin. The zoo features a wide variety of animals including brown bears, jaguars and penguins. To expand its reach, the zoo wanted to stream live video of its most popular and charismatic animals. Yet, each animal enclosure was a unique environment due to the diversity of needs presented by different species. The zoo needed a flexible camera solution that could work in a range of habitats.

Axis cameras were installed and the web-streams became a hit, and the zoo continues to bring more animals online. After a landing page was created, the zoo was averaging 24,000 views per month. Following the birth of two jaguar cubs, the zoo used the cameras to give fans a behind-the-scenes view of the first months of their lives. The jaguar stream received 100,000 views over two days following a newspaper article. Zookeepers also use the footage to help them monitor the animals remotely and discover critical information should an animal become sick or injured.

To see the cameras and the wonderful animals please click here to visit

A World Cup England definitely have a chance at winning!

Germany may have been triumphant  in Brazil but it’s time to dust down the England supporters suit that was rarely used this summer, grab a train/plane/car ride across the Channel and support our girls in the Rugby World Cup 2014. England are in Pool A along with Spain, Samoa and Canada.

If you have never watched women’s rugby before then there is no better time then to start doing so. Our ladies will no doubt do us proud and fingers crossed will come back with the trophy.

For the latest Women’s World Cup news visit: Women’s Rugby World Cup 2014.

For the latest info visit: Women’s Rugby News.

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All calls may be recorded